APDIS BiW Measurement Systems

The APDIS IntelligentQuality Stations from Nikon provide flexible, fully automated CMM inspection systems with fast set up, high productivity, and real time quality results & analysis.

Productivity, Flexibility, Simplicity

With the ability to measure over six times faster than traditional CMMs, be installed on the shop floor, and enhanced by ease of programming, the APDIS IQ stations provide unparalleled productivity, flexibility and simplicity for a CMM system. Precision measurements of features can be made without adapters, probes or coatings to high accuracy and repeatability, allowing quality control feedback quickly and easily where it’s needed.

Intelligent Measurements

No adapters, no coatings, no reference targets. Fast setup, fast measurements.

Intelligent Analysis

Only measure what you need, where you need, how you need. Real-time feedback and analysis for faster problem identification.

Intelligent Quality

Metrology room or shop floor installation. Quality inspection available where it’s needed, when it’s needed. Simplified programming and minimal setup.

Product Highlights

Laser Radar technology

Fast, automated, precise and accurate measurements are provided by the APDIS Laser Radar technology. Utilizing the latest MV430E Laser Radar, the IQ Stations fully utilize the speed and accuracy of the technology.

Robot independent

Alignments are made to the fixturing at each measurement position, removing robot variation from results. Simplified, pre-programmed robot positions mean modifications and additions do not need any robot programming.

Shop floor installation

Equally at home on the shop floor as a metrology room, the APDSI IQ Stations provide installation and measurement flexibility.

Precision measurements

Measure 1 or 1000 features, all with minimal data sets for efficient analysis, all without the need for adapters or targets.

Feature coverage

With the long-range measurements of the MV430E Laser Radar, the APDIS IQ stations provide excellent feature coverage, even allowing measurements of features inaccessible to other technologies.

Safety of parts and operators

A pre-programmed grid of robot positions coupled with the large standoff of the system means the Laser Radar and robot never need to go near the parts, removing the possibilities of accidental collisions and damage. Coupled with international safety certification, the IQ stations are safe for operators wherever it is installed.

A range of products for a range of parts

From smaller components to full vehicles, the IQ Stations have an option to suit. The R-Series give compact installations for smaller components such as car doors, whilst the DR-Series are designed for full vehicle chassis, but can also be put to full utilization with the DR600T for the best of all worlds.





APDIS Intelligent Quality Stations

APDIS Laser Radar

APDIS Automotive

R-SeriesR180SRobot and Turntable
1 x MV430E
R180DRobot and dual Turntables
1 x MV430E
DR-SeriesDR600Dual robot on rails
2 x MV430E
DR600TDual robot on rails
2 x MV430E
NameInstall Size* (mm)Measurement volume** (mm)TT Diameter (mm)
Rail Travel***(mm)
R180D90001100040002 x 18002 x 18002 x 22001800N/A
DR600T130001300040009000 + 2 x 18004000 + 2 x 18003000 + 2 x 180018006000

* Fenceline and minimum clearance height
** Approximate internal measurement volume
*** Rail travel can vary depending on rail used

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