Nikon’s AutoMeasure v14 delivers faster, more efficient video measurement systems


Nikon has announced NEXIV AutoMeasure v14, the latest version of its video measurement software. New features streamline measurement program creation, saving manufacturers time and improving accuracy.

TOKYO – Nikon Corporation (Nikon) has announced the global launch of NEXIV AutoMeasure v14, the latest iteration of its renowned AutoMeasure software suite. AutoMeasure v14 introduces several new features and enhancements designed to improve productivity and user experience, particularly around measurement program creation.

Building upon the success of AutoMeasure v13.2, the new version offers four new key functions: enhanced code management, custom variable naming, customisable report headers, and bulk code replacement.

These features streamline the management and optimisation of complex measurement programs, provide greater flexibility for customer-specific systems, and enable users to tailor reports to their needs.

Features of AutoMeasure v14 include:

  • Enhanced code management: Users can now quickly identify unnecessary code lines in measurement programs and decide whether to delete them. They can also easily see the structure created by others, making code easier to edit and reuse. This reduces the time and effort required to manage and optimise complex projects.
  • Custom variable naming: AutoMeasure v14 allows users to change critical variable names within the software, enabling seamless integration with customer-specific systems and processes and improving the software’s adaptability to various work environments.
  • Customisable report headers: Users can now edit and customise 40 lines (increased from 20 in the previous version) in result files and report headers, providing greater control over the presentation of data and enabling users to tailor reports to their specific needs.
  • Bulk code replacement (Blob): The new version introduces a bulk replace capability, like the “find and replace” function in many software applications, allowing users to efficiently change multiple instances throughout a program, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of human errors.

AutoMeasure v14 also introduces support for Windows 11. The software maintains compatibility with a wide range of Nikon metrology hardware, including the VMZ-S Series, iNEXIV VMA Series, and VMZ-H Series, ensuring seamless integration across Nikon’s product line.

“We are delighted to announce AutoMeasure v14, a testament to our commitment to continuously refining our software based on user feedback and evolving industry needs,” said a Nikon spokesperson. “The targeted improvements in code management, customisation options, and Windows 11 compatibility will provide our customers with an even more efficient and user-friendly measurement experience.”

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