Ver5.42.01 Device Updater 64bit

NIS-Elements D
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1. Conditions of Use
This upgrade can be applied to the following Version:
– NIS-Elements D V5.42.01 64bit

2. Installation
Please install this application according to the following steps.

1. Make sure NIS-Elements D V5.42.01 is installed.
2. Run [CameraUpdate_DS50M_for_NIS_5.42.01_b1793.exe].

Installation is completed

3. Supported OS
– Windows 10 Pro 64bit (English/Japanese)
* Windows 7 are not supported since V5.20.00.

4. Modifications
– Digital Sight 50M has been supported.

For details, please refer to the“Release Note“.

5. Notes
– This program can only be used for V5.42.01. Other Versions are not supported.

Release date: 16/1/2023

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