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Delivering high quality after-sales service is paramount at Nikon Metrology, whether it is provided directly by us or through our global certified partner network. A team of highly trained engineers is standing by to answer your questions, solve your problems and take your service calls. You can expect a prompt response from our helpdesk. When calling, please have your customer reference details ready (product serial number, dongle number, software version etc).

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We provide a range of after-sales services to support customers. They include repair of our metrology systems and, to minimise the need, scheduled preventive maintenance.

Applications engineering can be provided to help a user implement a difficult measuring tasks or perhaps integrate equipment into a production line. Calibration services are on offer to ensure results obtained can be depended upon, while physical relocation of our products to another location is also part of our remit. If a user’s metrology solution is not able to keep up with increasing complexity or volumes of components being manufactured, upgrade and exchange programmes are available. Finally, if a firm does not own a piece of our equipment, we offer a prompt contract inspection service.

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