Accessories for MM-400 and MM-800 Series

X/Y Manual Measuring Stages

Stages for the MM-800N from 12”x8” (300mm x 200mm) to 2”x2” (50mm x 50mm).

Stages for the MM-400N from 6″x4″ (150mm x 100mm) to 2”x2” (50mm x 50mm).

Rotating Tables for X/Y Manual Measuring Stages

Tables rotate the sample, keeping alignment with the XY axes of the stage.

Counter Remote Switch

The counter remote switch enables remote control of the counter’s RESET and SEND.

Foot Switch

The foot switch is used to send a load command to DP-E1A. It frees both hands to enhance measurement efficiency.

X Y Counter reset switches

XY Reset and Switch

The XY reset and switch can be attached to the main body to reset values easily while using the stage.

Calibration Scale 300mm

10mm-interval and calibration patterns are provided.
Accuracy: within 1 μm against compensation values.