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C-PSN Plain Stand/CN, C-PSCN Compact Stand/CN

The stands offer a comfortable work area and allow easy handling of samples. C-PSCN has a small base that saves desk space.

Illumination method: episcopic

*C-PSN plain stand/CN and C-PSCN compact stand/CN cannot be used with the trinocular tubes.

C-PSN Plain Stand:CN, C-PSCN Compact Stand:CN

P-PS32 Plain Stand

The P-PS32 plain stand features a slim design with a 180mm diameter stage plate and a 160 mm width between pillar and optical axis to boost working efficiency.

Illumination method: episcopic

P-PS32 Plain Stand

C-LEDS Hybrid LED Stand

Both episcopic and diascopic observations are possible and can be conducted simultaneously. The space saving, built-in illuminator can be switched and adjusted with ease.

Illumination method: epi-oblique*1, brightfield

*The illumination area is limited by conditions of use.

C-LEDS Hybrid LED Stand

C-DS Diascopic Stand S

The C-DS diascopic stand features a hand rest for comfortable operation. It is used in conjunction with the C-DSLU2 LED unit for the DIA illumination stand.

Illumination method: brightfield

*C-DS diascopic stand S cannot be used with the trinocular tubes

C-DS Diascopic Stand S

P-DSL32 LED Diascopic Illumination Stand

The OCC illumination system allows colourless and transparent samples to be observed in high relief. The compact, slim base enhances operational efficiency. Illumination method: brightfield, OCC*2

*2For OCC illumination, conditions of use vary depending on objective selected.

P-DSL32 LED Diascopic Illumination Stand

P-DSF32 Fibre Diascopic Illumination Stand

The light source is located away from the microscope, enabling observation with high intensity light without heat damaging the sample. Illumination method: brightfield, OCC*2

*2For OCC illumination, conditions of use vary depending on objective selected.

P-DSF32 Fiber Diascopic Illumination Stand

Universal Table Stands / Focusing Mounts

Universal Table Stands G-US1A/G-US2

These stands are convenient in microscopy when large samples are not loaded onto a normal stand. The microscope zooming body is attached to the stand arm via a focusing mount. The G-US1A is a table clamp (table top thickness: 3 to 53mm).

  • Used in conjunction with the C-FMBN focusing mount BN on the SMZ1270/1270i/800N/745/745T/445/460
  • Used in conjunction with the SM focusing mount and the G-USA SM US adapter on the SMZ-2
  • Cannot be used with the SMZ1270/1270i/800N when an intermediate tube is mounted on these models
G-US1A Universal Table Stand 1

G-US1A Universal Table Stand 1
Unit: mm

G-US2 Universal Table Stand 2

G-US2 Universal Table Stand 2
Unit: mm

Universal Table Stand US-3

Not only can the US-3 universal stand be used for a large sample, but this extremely stable stand also easily accommodates intermediate tubes.

  • Used in conjunction with the C-FMAN focusing mount AN on the
  • SMZ1270/1270i/800N/ 745/745T/445/460
  • Used in conjunction with the SM focusing mount on the SMZ-2
Universal Stand US-3

Universal Stand US-3
Unit: mm


Universal Table Stand
Vertical Cross Travel253mm254mm229mm
Horizontal Cross Travel260mm272mm
Weight (approx.)
C-FMAN Focusing Mount ANPossible
C-FMBN Focusing Mount BNPossible
C-FMCN Focusing Mount CN
SM Focusing MountPossible (G-USA Adapter is required)Possible

G-USA Adapter

The image is a configuration sample with the SM focusing mount.

G-USA Adapter

Focusing Mounts

Various types of focusing mount are available depending on the application. They are used to incorporate stereo microscope bodies into IC bonders or other devices (SM focusing mount is for SMZ-2). These mounts can also be used when attaching microscopes to universal table stands.

Focusing Mounts 01
Focusing Mounts 02
Focusing Mounts 03
C-FMAN Focusing Mount ANC-FMBN Focusing Mount BNC-FMCN Focusing Mount CNSM Focusing Mount
Focusing Area40mm50mm50mm40mm
Weight (approx.)0.6kg0.8kg1.6kg0.6kg
Antistatic Function (ESD) Possible
Compatible MicroscopesSMZ1270/1270i/800N/745/745T/445/460SMZ-2

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