(On-Demand-Webinar) Introducing Moving Line Gap & Flush Quality Control with the APDIS Laser Radar

7th July 2022

Thank you all for joining the 4th session of our Laser Radar Webinar Series with a focus on our recently launched APDIS Gap & Flush System. Watch the recording here and find some of the most asked questions during this webinar session below.

Panel and closure gap and flush can directly impact a customer’s perception of the quality of a vehicle and brand. Reliable measurement of these features allows process feedback and quality control but needs to be done automatically and safely whilst the vehicle is moving. This is provided by the APDIS Gap & Flush system.

Roy Maidment, Sales Director Laser Radar and Laser Scanner Business Unit Europe, and Jason Ososki, Director Automotive Solution Europe, present the new system solution from Nikon Metrology.

Again, we thank everyone for joining the webinar and sending us questions. Find a short FAQ session below. Feel free to reach out to us following the link on the bottom, if you have more questions about the APDIS Gap & Flush System.


1- You said up to 170 locations per vehicle, but what is the cycle time?

This is a great question! Cycle time for this system depends on the conveyor speed and vehicle length. Our system is designed to work with conveyor speeds ranging between 30 to 140mm/sec and can cope with varying sizes of vehicles from hatchbacks to large SUVs. Each set-up can be different depending on the measurement requirements, with more detailed information, we can estimate capability given your specific system configuration.


2- How does it work if we have 2 very different cars on the same line?

Very simply! The measurement characteristics would be configured for each vehicle and the tracking and alignment can cope with multiple vehicle models. The system is told what vehicle is entering the cell from the line PLC and the correct measurement routine is chosen. Our standard Gap & Flush system configuration provides a measurement volume of up to 3.6m wide by 2.2m tall, so providing both vehicles fit within this space, there would not be a problem.


3- Will there be a webinar in German language, too?

Yes, of course! In fact, we will be delighted to deliver all four webinars (Silo, CMM Replacement, Inline and Gap and Flush) for you as soon as we can arrange a schedule.

If you have missed APDIS Gap & Flush webinar, you find the recording here:


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