Rethink: Advanced X-ray CT technology enabling high speed & high quality imaging

Find out how the latest advances in industrial X-ray CT can benefit quality control on your shop floor
29th September 2022
15:00 - 16:00 UK time

X-ray CT has long been an invaluable tool for inspection and measurement throughout the lifecycle of a product, from prototype evaluation to first article inspection to end-of-line quality control. However, it just got much better. Recent innovations from Nikon’s Industrial Metrology Business Division have helped to catapult the technology into an unbelievably effective tool for Quality 4.0.

For maximum effectiveness in identifying features, flaws and edges, internally as well as externally, we want the best image quality delivered fast. Time is critical to achieve results close to real-time so that production line parameters may be optimised as quickly as possible. The result: perfect products every time.

Speed and image quality are usually conflicting requirements. Speed can be affected by the method of scanning and the detector frame rate, which can be increased with the ability to adjust the focal spot to imager distance (FID) and rotate the target for higher flux. Image quality can be affected by the resolution, contract-to-noise ratio, method of scanning and presence of artefacts. Faster scans very often lead to lower quality images – but not with the latest X-ray CT solutions from Nikon thanks to new tools in our toolbox, which we will present to you.

In this webinar, you will learn about the main causes of X-ray image quality deterioration and new solutions to the problems.

We intend to focus in detail on three key areas – Helical CT, Rotating.Target 2.0 and Artefact.Reduction CT – but will cover the latest thinking in all areas of the technology.

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29th September 2022
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15:00 - 16:00 UK time
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Chris Price
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